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What Supplements Should You Take

What supplements should you take to prevent disease, during treatment, after treatment, and beyond? After our diagnosis, we were on a very focused wellness mission which required us to address the BIG SIX in order to create balance and give the body what it needed to heal.

1. Diet

2. Supplements

3. Exercise

4. Rest

5. Toxins

6. Happiness


As it turned out, "supplements" were complicated. As we set out to design a supplement regimen, it was both exciting and overwhelming. There was so much literature on the healing power of supplements (which was so exciting!), but much of it was conflicting and the sheer volume of research made me crazy. There was also critical information that was hard (or impossible) to find…. What brand should we use? Could some supplements cause harm or interfere with our treatment? Could some assist our treatment? Could some prevent recurrence? What dosage? Omg!

And with a fresh diagnosis, there was a constant (frantic) sense that time was ticking and we needed the right answers RIGHT NOW! And so with myself (& my family) in the driver’s seat, led by God and a team of diverse medical professionals (conventional doctors, integrative doctors, naturopaths, dieticians, etc.), we came up with a sound, practical, research-based supplement regimen.

Supplements During Treatment

During treatment, we used supplements to:

1. Increase the efficacy of conventional treatment (chemo/radiation).

2. Speed surgical recovery.

3. Decrease side effects of modern treatments (prevent, nausea, increase immune function, improve blood counts, etc.).

4. Prevent recurrence.

Targeted Supplements

Our personal supplement regimen includes many targeted (anti-cancer) supplements, which tend to be:

1. Anti-inflammatory--because inflammation is the root cause of disease.

2. Antioxidants, which are critical nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) that counteract oxidation, thereby preventing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, autoimmune diseases, etc.

3. Immune Enhancing. Diseases (including cancer) occur because our immune system is not properly functioning. In order to prevent disease, we must ensure our immune system is in tip-top shape.

Supplements After Treatment & Prevention

Currently, we (personally) use supplements to fill nutritional gaps & specifically for their anti-tumor properties (prevent recurrence). Many people take supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle and to prevent a disease from ever occurring in the first place (so smart!).

We're Sharing It All With You

We've put together a Supplement Ebook that shares everything we've learned about supplements--including our personal anti-cancer supplement regimen.

Access our Freebies here.


Please remember, I am NOT a doctor, and I am NOT providing you with medical advice. Rather, I am doing for you—what I wish someone had done for me. We are simply sharing what worked for us during a time in our lives when the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Use this information as a “crash course” to get the education you need about supplements and to accelerate your wellness plan. Before implementing, it’s best to consult a trained medical professional.


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