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Learn how to

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve relationships

  • Find purpose and passion

  • Raise your mental game

  • Achieve goals

  • Deal with depression, anxiety, and grief

  • Find joy everyday

  • Improve overall health

Plus, explore:

  • Who you are at your core

  • Spirituality, prayer, and meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Overcoming trauma

  • Law of attraction

  • The power of forgiveness

  • How to just "be you"

  • How you'll impact the world

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Meet Kelly

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Kelly McClintock is a mother of five, a licensed counselor, best-selling author,

and sought-after speaker and presenter. Kelly’s light-hearted and down-to-earth

attitude, mixed with a little sass, has served her well during her social service

career spent working with a court-ordered/incarcerated population.


In her best-selling book entitled Find Your Happy, Kelly chronicles what she refers

to as “the Divine Storm of 2014”, which came in the form of a life-threatening

diagnosis. And it wasn’t her diagnosis; it was far worse. After complaining of leg

pain, Kelly’s 11-year-old son was diagnosed with a Ewing Sarcoma tumor on his

left femur. Armed with years of professional counseling experience and the deep belief that happiness is truly the best medicine, Kelly implemented an integrative treatment regimen that heavily focused on mind/body therapies to achieve wellness. This book allows you to walk beside this author as she honestly and organically sorts her personal trauma, while developing 30 innovative strategies to comfort, soothe, guide, heal, and help us to persevere. Explore the power of spirituality and methods like mindfulness to harness thoughts and emotions, empowering us to effectively deal with life’s most difficult circumstances.


Kelly is also the co-founder of McClintock Wellness, which helps others cope with

a diagnosis, overcome the odds, prevent disease, improve the body’s performance,

and increase longevity. McClintock Wellness focuses on integrative modalities

(the best of conventional and alternative therapies) to achieve wellness goals.

And because happiness is truly the best medicine, when she’s not writing or running her empire, Kelly can be found laughing her a$$ off with her family, creating a culinary masterpiece, walking the trail, on her yoga mat, enjoying green juice, or cuddling her sweet golden retriever while binge watching Netflix.

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Kelly McClintock


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See what people are saying

"this book cuts through the noise and presents a focused guide to attaining happiness."

- Jacob

There is so much wisdom, wit, and awesomeness in FIND YOUR HAPPY. I feel like it should be a required reading to be an adult. Seriously. Everyone would benefit greatly. - L.E.A.

"Kelly McClintock is a get-real-with-who's-in-charge-of-your-life look at why you don't think you're happy."

- A Cannady

"Before I ever read any book, I read about the author. In reading about Kelly McClintock, I immediately received a smile from her."

- Amazon Reviewer

"This is a simple, effective, and feel-good book that doesn’t pretend to be some high-brow, pseudo-scientific self-help drivel."

- Sanjin (Vine Voice)

"If you're tired of temporary happiness fixes and yearn for a holistic approach to finding joy, this book is a must-read."

- Michele

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