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Antiangiogenic Foods: Top 30 Foods To Prevent & Treat Cancer

The Power of Antiangiogenic Foods

Many years ago I watched Dr. William Li (on the Dr. Oz show), as he explained how he was curing/preventing cancer with food. (Fascinating! Tell me more....)


Dr. Li explained that a tumor needs to form blood vessels in order to grow/spread; a process known as Angiogenesis. Approved antiangiogenic medications are currently being used for cancer treatments and they work by blocking the tumor from its blood supply.


But most importantly, researchers now understand that there are also many foods that can effectively prevent the formation of these vessels, hence preventing/starving a tumor.


Foods to Pile on Your Plate!

Incorporate as many antiangiogenic foods as you can into your daily diet.

  1. Strawberries

  2. Raspberries

  3. Blackberries

  4. Blueberries

  5. Oranges

  6. Lemons

  7. Pineapple

  8. Kale

  9. Bok Choy

  10. Tumeric

  11. Maitake Mushrooms

  12. Garlic

  13. Tomatoes

  14. Olive Oil

  15. Red Wine

  16. Green Tea

  17. Apples

  18. Dark Chocolate

  19. Tuna

  20. Ginseng

  21. Licorice

  22. Lavander

  23. Garlic

  24. Soy Beans

  25. Pumpkin

  26. Grape Seed Oil

  27. Nutmeg

  28. Parsley

  29. Artichokes

  30. Grapefruit

For More Info

Dr. William Li’s TED Talk “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer” has been viewed by 11 million people. For more information on the power of anti-angiogenic foods watch this Ted Talk.

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