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To Fruit or Not to Fruit???

Most everyone can agree that the more colorful veggies on your plate—the better! However, fruit is a bit more controversial because of its sugar content.

  • Cancer loves sugar, so fruit can raise concerns, especially for people with a history of disease

  • Sugar causes inflammation, which is arguably the cause of all diseases.

  • Fruit is loaded with nutrients, but also contains "natural" (plant-based) sugar

What The Experts Say

Truth be known, there are studies and experts that support both sides of this debate. For example:

Eat Fruit!

Many cancer survivors (including one of my favorites, Chris Wark; embrace both fruit and veggies. And of course, Gerson Therapy includes lots of colorful fruits and continues to be one of the most widely recognized alternative treatments for cancer/chronic disease.

Limit Fruit!

The renowned Hippocrates Health Institute recommends no fruit for at least two years following a diagnosis. I had a chance to ask Brian Clement, Director of HHI, about this “no fruit” rule. He explained that while Gerson was a brilliant physician, the fruit we have today is not the same as it was back in his time. He went on to say that modern fruit has 30 times the sugar level of its wild ancestors and there is no difference between fructose from an orange or table sugar.

So What's The Right Answer?

All I can do is tell you how we approach this issue and encourage you to do your research and follow what feels right for you.

Common Sense Approach

We try to apply a common-sense approach to the things that are controversial and try not to get too hung up on them.

Do I think people get cancer from eating too much fruit? (Probably not). Do I think eating pineapple and bananas all day will affect blood sugar? (Uh.. yes).

So we attempt to consume fruit that gives us the most bang for our buck, by opting for high-antioxidant fruits that have a low glycemic index. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are staples in our diet that we consume daily. Also, we do not juice these berries—instead, we eat them! Do we eat an occasional banana you may ask? Yes, we do! And we even throw in a Medjool date here and there to sweeten our smoothies—(much better than processed sweeteners)!

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