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Is Your Mattress Making You Sick? The Skinny on Organic Mattresses


It’s a toxic world. And for that reason, the list of “toxins to avoid” could go on for days. That’s why it seems logical (& easier on the pocket book) to prioritizing those items that seem most urgent to swap-out for healthier versions.


I didn't even know that organic mattresses were "a thing" (who knew?). But after I researched, getting one went to the top of my "wish" list.

Mattresses are pricey $$$$, but since we spend about 1/3 of our life in bed, it made sense (at least to me) to pinch my pennies to upgrade to organic mattresses (one at a time, when they were on sale).


The average 75 year old, has spent the equivalent of 25 years in bed



The off-gassing produced by toxic chemicals used in mattresses is particularly concerning. It made me crazy (or crazier than usual) to think that my children were breathing in toxic fumes for 8 hours a night, during the precious time when their bodies were trying to rest, repair, & heal. Children are much more vulnerable to toxic burden, as their bodies are young/growing and not designed to endure the toxicity of our modern world.


Most mattresses contain toxic chemicals that can cause a vast range of health concerns such as allergies, respiratory problems, convulsions, skin irritations, fertility problems, asthma, developmental problems in children, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), thyroid issues, heart problems, autism, cancer, etc. These chemicals include:

  • Flame retardants/DPDE (banned in many countries , but not the US)

  • Boric Acid (insecticide used to prevent bacteria, bed bugs, etc.)

  • Formaldehyde (found in cigarettes, glues, wood products, building materials, etc.).


It's 2017….& we live in the good old US of A. So, buying a healthy mattress should be easy—right?

As it turns out, organic mattresses are NOT created equal & tricky labeling can deceive the consumer. Mattress manufacturers are not required to disclose the chemicals used in their beds. "Natural" mean virtually nothing and "organic," may mean only part of the mattress/material is organic.


The right organic mattress is free of dyes, pesticides, glues, GMO fibers, and toxins that are linked to allergies, sleep apnea, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, heart problems, cancer, etc.


It’s a big investment, so I just couldn’t pull the trigger without doing my research. It ended up taking me several months (like 5 to be exact--Ugh!), which included two weekend road trips to visit showrooms to try out a few reputable brands. So go ahead and ask me any question about mattresses (I dare you!). ha!

I eventually narrowed it down to 3 mattresses (see links below), all of which are good products. We ended up purchasing Essentia mattresses and we love them! The Hippocrates Health Institute (I’m a huge fan) uses these gems at their wellness center in Palm Beach and the HHI endorsement compelled me to finally pull the trigger.

Company Store Bedding (I really like these sheets -SO soft!)

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