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The Ultimate Morning Juice

Eat God's Food & More Greens

Food is medicine. Therefore, we should all think of the grocery store (aka Whole Foods) as our pharmacy.

With all the diets out there (Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, etc.)---sometimes it’s difficult to know what we should be eating. But there is one thing that most all diets and wellness gurus can agree on—we should all eat more plants! And no better way to get those green beauties into our bellies than a big cup of Green Juice.


Top 10 Juicing Tips

  1. Use the right juicer (masticating vs centrifuge)

  2. Organic/locally grown produce

  3. Wash produce right (non-toxic)

  4. Prepare produce

  5. Use nutrient-dense produce

  6. Limit fruit

  7. Strain foam

  8. Re-juice the pulp

  9. Let tastebuds adjust

  10. Store it right/consume it within 24 hours


The Ultimate Recipe

Download PDF • 189KB

My mom designed this recipe after she visited the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute (Palm Beach). HHI is an amazing resource--they are big on sprouts & wheatgrass; check out their site by clicking icon below:

Begin & End Each Day At The Juicer

Come hell or high water, my mom is standing over the juicer at 6:30am every morning and we are awakened by the sound of those veggies being pressed into pulp. No one leaves the house (she literally will hold us hostage), until the green juice is consumed. But, I have to admit, it feels good knowing that I’ve ingested a boatload of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients before ever leaving the house.

The Taste vs The Benefits

My mom has tried everything to convince us that this morning juice tastes good (fancy cups, decorating it with fruit, etc.). Occasionally, we will deviate from our morning recipe and mix up a more fruity/delicious concoction. But our standard morning juice tastes a lot like grass clippings, which takes some getting used to. I recommend cutting it with lemon juice (this helps a lot, without adding unwanted sugar). And, I don’t recommend that you savor it like a glass of wine. Trust me, it is meant to be shot-gunned. My mom keeps telling me that eventually I will enjoy the earthy flavor, but I am still waiting. For now, I chug it down while focusing on what it’s doing for my body:

  • Effecting me at a cellular level

  • Altering my gene expression (this is profound)

  • Increasing my immune function

  • Quelling disease-causing inflammation

  • Controlling blood sugar

  • Preventing disease


Limit Fruit. Depending on your health concerns, it may be a good idea to limit fruit because of the sugar content. Sugar, even from natural food sources, causes inflammation--and inflammation causes virtually all disease. And as you are probably aware, cancer loves sugar.

Cruciferous Veggies. Also, I want to caution anyone with thyroid issues to consult their doctor before juicing cruciferous veggies (like kale).

Juice on!

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