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How Marie Healed Herself of Stage III Breast Cancer

Recently I got to have lunch with my friend and fellow Wellness Warrior, Marie Walchle.

As I looked across the table at her, I couldn't help but notice that she radiates health; she looks gorgeous (all that green juice is really paying off).


All that green juice is really paying off!


I was also struck by her carefree attitude when it comes to her diagnosis and prognosis. She says that cancer was just a “minor blip in the road” [you certainly won't hear that from someone who endured conventional treatment]. This attitude is due in large part to the alternative route that she decided to take in order to heal her body. She also says that she doesn’t fear a recurrence because she is educated and knows there are plenty of effective alternative treatments.


Cancer was just a “minor blip in the road”



In 2013, Marie was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer that had spread to lymph glands. The recommendation was for her to undergo a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation.


But something about putting toxic chemicals into her body in an attempt at achieving wellness just simply didn't make sense. Instead, Marie opted to try a more holistic/gentle approach; she chose the Gonzales protocol and never looked back. Marie visited the Gonzalez clinic in New York and followed the protocol, which is focused on:

1. Diet, which is individualized for each person. For Marie, it inclluded:

  • lots of fruits/veggies

  • juices

  • no meat

2. Supplements (pancreatic enzymes); Marie took approximately 150 pills a day.

3. Detoxification, as in coffee enemas (ugh), lymph stimulation, etc.

4. Testing, which included

  • Monitoring of blood markers

  • Hair Testing

  • No scans no mammograms (no radiation that causes cancer)


Fear=Stress. And, Stress=Disease. My biggest take-away from this conversation was that we should never fear a cancer diagnosis (or recurrence). Instead, we should arm ourselves with the truth about cancer treatment and beleive in our body's ability to heal itself when put into balance. Unfortunatley the cancer industry and "big pharm" have instilled fear, making us believe that we must wage an all-out "fight" against this disease that entails cutting it out, dousing it with chemicals, and burning it out. Stories like Maries and Chris Wark help to dispel this fear epidemic. We have to understand thst the fear of death is a huge motivator, but fear can spown rash decisions. Maria says she had a biopsy & bilateral mastectomy, but would not do that if she had to do it over again.

My take away "Choose Love, Not Fear". When facing big decisions; get still, go inside, say a prayer, and follow the soulful tugs.

Marie, thank you so much for sharing ypur wisdom with me! You rock!


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