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In early 2014, my youngest son, a happy, healthy, active 11-year-old, had begun

to complain of leg pain. What we thought was a sports injury turned out to be a

Ewing Sarcoma tumor on his left femur. It seemed the world had stopped spinning

on its axis.​

Like most people facing a diagnosis, we wanted the most cutting-edge, innovative treatments to assist our son in his recovery. Led by God and a team of amazing doctors, we utilized an integrative approach to wellness that employed the best of both Western and alternative medicine. My son sailed through his 12 months of treatment with no unplanned hospital visits/infections (we were told to expect many), no transfusions, he never missed a workout, had 100% tumor necrosis, and finished treatment early (yes, I said EARLY!). Today my son is cured, healthy, active, strong, happy, and well!!

As we sought the best doctors (conventional, naturopathic, alternative), traveled for second and third opinions, and reviewed the books, clinical studies, and research— what we got was a world-class education. We want everyone on a similar path to have the same tools to fast-track their wellness. And so, the McClintock Corp was born. And as my children pursue medical degrees, our mission continues to expand. So, stay tuned...

It’s been nearly 10 years since my diagnosis and I am so grateful to now have the

opportunity to help others overcome the odds and accelerate their wellness goals,

using the same strategies. Whether you are dealing with a diagnosis, want to 

improve athletic performance, or simply want to prevent  disease and increase

longevity- you have to be the CEO of your own health.


We hope this website reduces the time you have to spend researching, scouring the internet, losing sleep, or traveling the globe in search of answers so you can focus your energy on wellness goals. With you in the driver's seat, we are here to help you transform your health.

About Us.

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Kelly McClintock

CEO, McClintock Wellness

  • Best selling author

  • 30 years of counseling experience

  • Award winning course instructor

The Therapy Crash Course Logo.png

Cade McClintock

Vice President, McClintock Wellness

  • Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Student in Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Master Plan

Our multi-phased plan will ensure that our agency continues to grow at a steady pace, evolving into a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. From our current wellness education and online courses, to (eventually) a full-service fitness center and integrative clinic that will offer conventional and alternative therapies under one roof.


Our programs will focus on integrative, evidence-based, and holistic therapies that effectively and gently treat the whole person (mind, body, spirit).

The 6 Pillars of Health

The 6 pillars are the necessary domains to have a strong mind and strong body.

1. Diet

Food is medicine & you are what you eat.  So consume God’s food; an organic, plant-based diet (without processed foods).

2. Supplements

Gaps in nutrition need to be filled for optimal health; vitamins, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, etc.

3. Exercise

Intentional exercise sparks the immune system, improves mood, strengthens  the body, and increases longevity.

4. Rest

 Quality rest allows the body to clean-up the damage caused by our modern world. Get 7-8 hours of slumber to repair and rejuvenate.  

5. Rid Toxins

Our bodies are not designed to endure the toxicity of our modern world such as WiFi, BPA, pesticides, and GMOs. 

6. Happiness

The mind/body connection is profound. Stress reduction, spirituality, love, fun, and laughter are truly the best medicine.

Our Book

Happiness is listed as one of our "6 Pillars of Health" for good reason. Not only is happiness critical to overall wellness; Happiness is the goal of life. The mind/body connection is profound and our state of mind largely impacts our physical performance and can affect us at a cellular level. In fact, daily stress can cause chronic inflammation, affecting gene expression and promoting disease. 

Learn how to reduce stress, find your purpose, achieve goals, raise your mental game, improve relationships, deal with trauma, and find happiness in our modern world.

Amazon best selling book

Find Your Happy

Available on Amazon

Are you ready to get your happy on?

Tired of long, drawn-out self-help books that only deliver a small piece of the happiness puzzle? Confused by all the talk about finding your purpose? Are you starting to think that true happiness is only possible for yogic gurus, wise sages, high priests, and perhaps the Dalai Lama?

If you have picked up this book, presumably you (like many of us) are on a quest to discover more happiness. Maybe you’ve experienced a crisis that seems insurmountable, making it difficult to see a silver lining. Or maybe you are grieving, depressed, or anxious. Perhaps you feel like something is missing— a sense of emptiness, but you aren’t sure why. Or maybe you are on a soul-searching mission to discover your true calling.

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Get access to our library of free ebooks (freebies) when you subscribe to McClintock Wellness.
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