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Health Transformation Program

Whether you are dealing with a diagnosis, want to improve athletic performance, or simply want to prevent disease and increase longevity, this program helps you be the CEO of your health. This program will help you to transform your well-being using the 6 Pillars of Health: Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Rest, Ridding Toxins, and Happiness. This program includes 6 one on one sessions that are 50 minutes in length.

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Cade McClintock

Cade is a certified exercise physiologist with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of North Florida. During his studies, he served as a research assistant, conducting a study on wearable activity monitors in a diverse demographic. Cade is also a certified personal trainer and is pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. Beyond his career, he is passionate about family, weightlifting, and sports, including roundnet where he competed at the professional level.

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